Klemen Ilovar, Amsterdam—Ljubljana
member of Ansambel, co-organiser of Fotopub festival

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Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam 2013-2016
Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Photography, Ljubljana 2009-2013

Plat(t)form 2016, Fotomuseum Winterthur
Brumen 2013, Honourable mentions for Tribuna & TMIA 
Zgraf 2012, Jury’s honourable mention for Tribuna
Brumen 2011, Grand Prix for Tribuna

Scholarship for talented students, The City of Ljubljana SI, 16–13
Scholarship for art students studying abroad, Ministry of Culture, SI, 13–16

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2016 Fotopub: Appetizer
Zaklonišče Argentinski park, Ljubljana
Kunstverein Siegen
ALUO LXX. Past, Present, Future
Jakopič Gallery, Ljubljana

Happy Sad
Unseen Photo Fair, Amsterdam
Lèche-Vitrine N°3: Aperitivo
Fer de Lance, Lausanne
Do I Need Gloves for This?!
A Tale of a Tub, Rotterdam
Lèche-Vitrine N°2: Show me what you want
Les Garages, Lausanne
Facsimile Machine
Eight Cubic Meters, Amsterdam

2014 Fotopub: Young Slovenian Artists group show,
Simulaker Gallery, Novo mesto
Place Values,
Amsterdamse Bos, Amsterdam

Gallery K18, Maribor
Nova F
Galerija Stolp, Maribor

2012 Dan D
Stara klaonica, Zagreb
Zgraf 11
The Meštrović Pavillion, Zagreb
Eye for an Eye
National Gallery of Slovenia, Ljubljana
2011 5th Biennale of Visual Communications, 
National Gallery of Slovenia, Ljubljana
EMZIN – Photography of the Year
Cankarjev Dom, Ljubljana
Goldener Kentaur Nominees Exhibition
Münchner Künstlerhaus, Munich
Eye for an Eye
International Centre of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana
Photography at ALUO
Photon Gallery, Ljubljana
Photon Gallery, Ljubljana
2010 Eye for an Eye
Ljubljana Town Hall Gallery, Ljubljana

ALUO LXX. Past, Present, Future
Jakopič Gallery, Ljubljana

Took part in the exhibition ALUO LXX. Past, Present, Future that was dedicated to the anniversary of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design.

Happy Sad

Gerrit Rietveld Photography Department exhibition opening at the Unseen Festival off-space, Prinsengrachtziekenhuis, Prinsengracht 769, Amsterdam

Lèche-Vitrine N°3: Aperitivo
The third edition of Lèche-Vitrine in Lausanne, Switzerland, organised by Paulo Wirz, this time I was a part of group show together with Fotopub team.

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